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What’s New? Gadget Net UK

So who remembers Gadget Net UK? You probably don’t! And I’m really not surprised. It was a collection of articles not really worth reading. So why are we bringing it back? That is a very good question! And it’s one I aim to answer in this post. The digital home for all the gadget hubs…
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Car on a mug?

Would you be interested in seeing your car on a mug, item of clothing or other product? If so let us know below!

The Citroen Way

We are going to be selling some Citroen Bits via our online shop! Mainly 2CV & BX bits. So please do check back soon and share with people who might be interested.

Brexit: Your simple guide to the UK leaving the EU

Feeling a little lost on Brexit? Never really got your head around it in the first place? Let us walk you through it. What is Brexit? Brexit is short for “British exit” – and is the word people use to talk about the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU (European Union). Why is the…
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Quiz Night

Starting in April at The Wheatsheaf! Time and Dates to follow soon. Teams of 4 or more. £2.00 per person. Prizes to be won Join us and test your knowledge.

Viral ‘Momo Challenge’ Hoax

SThe “Momo Challenge” is an alleged form of cyberbullying that spreads through social media and cell phones, targeting children and adolescents. After phone users are enticed to contact a user named Momo, they receive threats from the user and are instructed to perform a series of dangerous tasks. Despite claims that the phenomenon has reached…
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Facebook Admins Required

We are looking for Moderators for the following Pages/Groups: If you are interested in any of these groups or pages please send us a message!

How Universal Credit is ‘failing’ self-employed people.

Universal Credit for self-employed people works on the basis of a “minimum income floor” (MIF). What is the Minimum Income Floor? This assumes that self-employed people work 35 hours a week and earn the minimum wage, although this is adjusted depending on circumstances such as dependants and disabilities. To calculate how much Universal Credit an…
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We need your feedback!

We need your feedback on child friendly coach tours!