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Could we not use abandoned houses and old warehouses for housing for the homeless?Then give them jobs within a company so they can get themselves back on their feet.Its a simple scheme to implement and would benefit the economy in more ways than one!If we had the funding and the backing we would love to run a scheme like this! As we have…
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Buckingham has many rooms Why not rent them out? Hotel style for rich people to spend a weekend in the palace! Cash can then be used to boost our economy and hopefully, the problem will then be solved! Even if this is just a temporary solution to get rid of the debt surely its worth it?  

Is Retail Dead?

The olden days of the small family ran shops could well be dead.Or is it?With the modern conveniences of online shopping and big supermarkets, we don’t seem to have the time to go to our local high street shops and support them.But if they sold online as well would you be more likely to buy from them?We…
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