These are a few of my favorite things

Listening to music: Just follow me on Spotify! Watching films: Marvel, John Wick and I like older films as well! Tweeting: I have an alter ego on Twitter called Fred The Wonder Mouse so go and follow me! Citroen Enthusiast: My Dad owns a 2CV called Oliver and an AK400 called Pedro and I can’t wait to own my own. (Hopefully like the above BX)

#HelpTheHomeless Part 2

By donating to your local charities, food banks and homeless shelters. Make eye contact and speak to homeless people. They are human too and it goes a long way to making their slightly better. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Buy them a sandwich or a drink. If you have any ideas comment below!

100 Years of Citroen

Check out our new products today! Since 1919, the Citroën brand has shown boldness and an unfailing human attachment. On the strength of its almost 100 years’ old heritage and more than 300 models, some of which have forever marked the automotive industry. We invite you to dive into this epic history that all began with the visionary genius of André Citroën.

Sanction Advice

If you have your benefits stopped, such as being sanctioned, go to the council and request a Nil Income Form and fill it out. That will reinstate your housing benefit and Council Tax. It will also give you access to further help such as Utility Meter Credit, Food Vouchers and Emergency Cash Payments. The Council will only deal with you if you ask for this form specifically. The authorities such as Council and DWP will Read more…