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The Rebrand of #OnlinePerks

If you know anything about our company you know about #OnlinePerks! Our group of online shops.. We are rebranding the #OnlinePerks network into a subscription box service.. (That’s an exclusive right there) You will find out what is happening on Instagram and Twitter so go and follow #OnlinePerks now!!

Solving The Housing: Part 2

Maybe a scheme could be set up where a Government department buys houses that need renovating.  Then they can use Trainees, Apprentices, The Self Employed etc.. to refurbish them. Paying them a wage for what they are doing.  This could provide Training and Jobs for builders/plumbers/electricians then the houses could be sold to first time buyers…
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Is Social Media as Social as we think?

Now the Term ‘Social Media’..    Implies social right? But how social are we actually being?     Sitting down at a laptop or computer… Or Mobile Phone (Whatever your chosen gadget is)   On Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat.. (Other Social Media Sites are available)    Take said gadget out of the scenario.. you’re still sitting there on your own! No one is there to socialize…
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Solving The Housing Shortage

Do we not need more affordable housing? Could big companies not fund projects to get local builders back into work and contract them to build said houses? Meaning people will have work again. And then housing will be back and affordable. Or Warehouses I know we mention them a lot in these. But Warehouses are…
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Small Businesses

When you walk down your local high street what do you see?You see some little unique shops which are fantastic!But you also see the big chain shops as well.Costa, Peacocks, Tesco, Asda, Cafe Nero to name a few..And they seem to be doing really well in the current climate.. Where as the small businesses wither and…
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#SolveTheDebt Part 2

If the renting out of Buckingham Palace doesn’t work.. Couldn’t The Queen sell off some of her gold? Not meant to sound horrible of cause! And it would be her choice. But surely its something she could do to make Britain great again? If she proved the money to save our country or at least some of it? Then its a win win situation…
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Solving Hospital/School Shortages

Could we not use abandoned warehouses?Turn them in to emergency clinics?Schools and other vital services that we are short of! Because the structures are there we just need the equipment to fill them.Surely that would be cheaper than a brand new building?And also that means solving the debt problem as well?Let us know your thoughts below!And remember to follow…
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End of an Era!

So its the end of an era for us the British Nation! Years of entertainment from 3 of the best presenters the BBC have produced! And from one of the best TV shows ever! The fast cars, The Awesome Challenges, The Top Gear News, The Humour, JC’s remarks, Hammond’s Reactions and May saying Oh Cock..Tuning in every week without fail…
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