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Company Focus Weekly: Working Mobile

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Company Focus Weekly: Working Mobile

Working from a Cafe, Pub or Shop can have it’s Pros and Cons. We are going to list a few below.


  • Keeps Costs Down for your business: Fair enough if your using Costa it can get quite costly but I’m sure smaller coffee shops are more an accommodating. They usually love having you in the coffee shop as long as you pay.
  • More Sociable: You will always meet someone to talk to in a cafe setting but its always a nice thing. Expectantly if they are business minded because you never know what might happen.
  • Food And Drink: Your guaranteed a high quality supply of Food and Drink as and when you need it. Which is nice!
  • Change of Scene: If your like me and get bored of work places quickly then working mobile could work for you. Because you can move to different cafes as and when you get bored. 


  • Carry Capacity: You’re limited to what you can carry in your bag. And if your a high paper user then you are going to struggle. But their are ways round it.
  • Post: You will end up having to send all your post to your home address. Which can be annoying if it gets mixed up with your personal post.

We hope this has been a helpful blog post!
Comment below with your thoughts! 

Thanks for reading.

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