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What Is Perkins Enterprises UK?

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What Is Perkins Enterprises UK?

Back to basics who are we?

Well we are a company! Thats a start right?

Our Slogan:

‘The Smart Way To Go’

What does that mean to us?
It was something from back in the days of SATE.
And has moved forward into Perkins Enterprises..

We look at it as something we follow in all of our companies and ventures.
To be the smart choice for you. The Smart way to go.
Be it Transport Solutions, Or a disco.
We aim to be The Smart Way To Go..

What is our mission?

Well we don’t have actually have an official mission statement yet.
And if we did it would keep changing as we like changing stuff and making it better.

But we would like to create as many jobs and opportunities for people as possible.
Our jobs will be different though. You will be Self employed working for yourself but we will help you every step of the way.
Or if you know what you are doing we can leave you to it.
We are quite flexible with that sort of thing!
The bonus is if you work for us you will always have opportunities to change or expand!

Our Future:

You have the power to change your future! 
And we have the power to shape ours as a company.
We aim to help people back into work One Person at A Time.
Our plans and dreams are quite big and we hope to achieve them.

As we have alway said:

‘You Never Know Unless You Try’

Thanks and hope you have enjoyed reading this.
If you have any questions contact us now!


Sam Perkins
Company Director of Perkins Enterprises UK

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